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Monitoring – Costs and efficiency at a glance

Geo-En designs their systems with extensive sensors and offers a highly functional monitoring system. The monitoring system was specially developed in order to monitor hybrid systems and large thermal storages. Especially during the operation of complex energy systems with different generators and storage, it is important to make the functioning of the system transparent and uncover potentials for increasing efficiency.

The Geo-En monitoring system not only reproduces the actual status of the system, but also follows dynamic changes. The operating statuses of the actuators, the energy flows and measuring signals are saved and stored in a database which is designed based on the efficient processing of large data volumes. Thus, time sequences can be built, cumulative values can be analysed and alarm notifications are traced back.


Abnormalities can be examined and relationships are identified, which are essential for preventive maintenance or improvement of the plant operation. The monitoring system can automatically monitor whether indicators are in the target area or whether any intervention in the system is required. In case of geothermal energy systems or other thermal storages, the monitoring system follows the heat and cold energy quantities in the earth, prepares balances and identifies long-term trends.

The operational manager of the energy system can follow the system via the monitoring systemremotely or monitor via a system park using a central console. With our modern monitoring on the basis of IT technology, the operational management and maintenance of decentralised energy systems are highly efficient. Heating 4.0!

Monitoring the energy quantities of a hybrid system of the GeoPV type (chart output)