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Geo-En Neujahrsempfang in neuen Räumen

Anfang Januar luden wir Mitarbeiter und Partner zu einem Neujahrsempfang in unsere neuen Räume in der Schwedter Straße ein. Mit einem kleinen Imbiss und kalten Getränken ließ sich das neue Jahr gut an. Unser Fazit: In unseren Geschäftsräumen lässt sich nicht nur gut arbeiten, man kann auch hervorragend feiern.

Current Newsletter

2017 was an extremely successful year for Geo-En. Important intermediate steps were achieved in case of major projects, such as the new urban district at Mercedes Platz or the new residential area Grüne Aue.

 As part of the GASAG group we are now even able to offer our clients comprehensive complete packages for sustainable and cost-effective solutions.

 In November, we got our new headquarters in Berlin Mitte and thereby came even closer spatially to GASAG Solution Plus GmbH.
We grew further in 2017. New employees, some in Purchasing and in Planning, strengthened the team. Welcome!

 We are looking forward to many challenges in the new year! Many large orders will come up in the implementation phase.


Geo-En Energy Technologies is a part of Gasag group

Geo-En Technologies is a part of Gasag group since the spring of this year. We are very pleased to have found a strong partner in the form of the energy company Gasag, in order to further extend our range of offers. We can now offer our customers a significantly broadened portfolio of products: The spectrum ranges from planning, construction to the operational management and now also includes long term financing of facility using a contracting-solution as per requirement.

In future, Geo-En will closely collaborate with Gasag Solutions Plus. In the new subsidiary, Gasag will focus its skills in the area of energy services. This package of skills will now benefit us and also our customers–from several years of experience of Gasag in energy supply to urban districts on the basis of efficient power-heat-coupling.

Geo-En will continue to remain as an independent enterprise. We have completed 20 large-scale plants since our establishment before 10 years. That includes energy facilities for the provision of office buildings, residential buildings and entire districts. The main emphasis of our work will continue to be on the design of innovative energy technology, plant engineering and IT-solutions for decentralized energy facilities. We will also continue to offer these services to our customers separately.

We are pleased that we could persuade a prestigious company like Gasag with our know-how and our products. The takeover of Geo-En by Gasag will open new business opportunities and generate synergies for both the partners. "We can offer additional innovative and renewable energy solutions to our business customers with the help of geothermal energy applications of Geo-En", says Vera Gäde-Butzlaff, Chief Executive Officer of Gasag.

We wish to thank our Venture capital investors, who have reliably supported us for many years.

Best regards
Ihr Dr. Nikolaus Meyer



From now on Michael Wegner strengthens the management of Geo-En:  Michael Wegner disposes of long-standing experiences in the energy industry. In his career, the business administration graduate has successfully worked in different management positions in the areas of finance, controlling and process management. He currently heads the commercial department of GASAG Solution Plus GmbH and is an authorised officer at Provedo GmbH, a sister company of Geo-En. more

Zukauf soll Wachstum bringen
[19.4.2017] GASAG will das Angebot an Energiedienstleistungen erweitern und übernimmt deshalb einen Spezialisten für erneuerbare Wärme und Kälte.
Der Berliner Versorger GASAG hat das Unternehmen Geo-En Energy Technologies gekauft. Der Spezialist für erneuerbare Wärme und Kälte bietet durch die Kopplung von Geothermie, Kraft-Wärme-Kopplung und Solartechnik eine Reihe innovativer Lösungen an, heißt es in einer Pressemeldung. Diese sollen das Angebot von GASAG an Energiedienstleistungen erweitern.
Geo-En habe sich vom Anbieter geothermischer Heizungslösungen hin zum Spezialisten für hybride Energieversorgungslösungen aller Art entwickelt. Kernstück der Systeme der Firma sei eine eigens entwickelte Steuerung, die eine Integration der verschiedenen Komponenten ermöglicht und den späteren Betrieb optimiert. In den Zeiten einer intelligenten Energieversorgung sei diese Technologie die Ausgangsbasis, um weitere Produkte und Dienstleistung anbieten zu können.

GASAG-Vorstandschefin Vera Gäde-Butzlaff erklärt: „Die GASAG setzt ihren Wachstumskurs konsequent fort. Es freut mich besonders, dass wir uns mit dem Erwerb der Geo-En Kompetenzen für Energieversorgungsanlagen mit Erdwärme, Erdkälte und Umweltenergie aufbauen. Mit den Geothermie-Anwendungen der Geo-En können wir unseren Geschäftskunden weitere innovative und erneuerbare Energielösungen bieten." (al)